Support in the context of the “SME Qualification” business’ incentive

Project designation | “Digital Talents: Qualify to Internationalize”
Project code | POCI-02- 0853-FEDER- 001737
Main Objective | Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention | CENTER

Date of approval | October 23, 2015
Start date | November 17, 2015
End date | November 16, 2017
Total eligible cost | EUR 52,837.11
Financial support from the European Union | ERDF – 23,776.70 EUR

Project Overview

The project aims to provide Dellent with management tools (management software, quality standards, etc.) to sustain the growth of the company in the national market and, in the short term, to take the first steps in the international market.

Objectives Project

– Position Dellent as a nearshore company outsourcing in the technological areas it dominates;
– Strengthen the company’s position in the national market, by increasing the client portfolio;
– To create a team with the necessary skills to respond to national and international clients in the countries of Europe geographically close to Portugal.