Why we should all be talking about Aveiro.

Ok, so we know that visiting Portugal is a new trend. We’ve all seen those dreamy pictures from influencers, youtubers, tourists, and even friends from the cobblestone streets to the medieval castles or the golden beaches all around Lisbon or Porto. But did you know that there’s a lot more hidden gems in this beautiful country?

Aveiro is one of the prettiest cities, being commonly referred to as the “Venice of Portugal” since it is crossed by canals and moliceiros. It is also known for being a colorful city, filled with great landscapes, tasty food and charming Art Nouveau houses. Only a 50 minutes drive from Porto, it has the perfect location for those who appreciate the quality of life it provides. But, why come to Aveiro?

1. Technological hub 

Aveiro is the home of some of the most innovative companies in Portugal. So, it is no surprise that it also wants to be one of the most technological cities in the country.

It was recently chosen, among other twenty two cities, for the Urban Innovative Actions Program, and intends to implement a technological revolution by boosting the use of new technologies in the public space. For that, it counts with the help of one of the best telecom companies in Portugal, who is also launching the 5G technology in the city. Besides, this city also has one of the best universities in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), that excels, among others, in the area of engineering, namely in the Telecommunications and the Materials Engineering.

2. Easy communication

In Portugal you’ll find more fluent English speakers than in any other southern European country, since the portuguese people are always willing to learn and communicate in different languages. They’re very used to watching television and movies with subtitles, which helps them understand and speak with a great accent. Plus, older people also are very familiar with french, because it used to be taught in school as a second language. Since Aveiro is a city full of youth and business people, you’ll easily be able to communicate with anyone.

3. Have a Moliceiro ride.

Moliceiros are the traditional means of transport used in the canals of the city to gather seaweed and are one of the cities’ landmarks. Nowadays, anyone can take a ride for less than 10€ and appreciate the beauty of the city center while on it.  It is definitely one of the best things to do while you’re in the city and something you can only experience here. 

4. Nature 

Surrounded by beaches, canals, mountains and lakes, Aveiro is a nature lover’s paradise. Here you can get out of the office and be immediately in contact with what nature has to offer. If you fancy some time at the beach, you can go to Praia da Barra that is located under 10 km from the center of the city, and spend an amazing quality time there. But, if you prefer an 8 km walk in the mountains, Aveiro also offers an award winning experience at Paiva Walkways that are located on the left bank of the Paiva River. 

5. Quality of life

Aveiro is one of the best cities to live and to visit since it offers a variety of things to do, see and, of course, eat. Its population also benefits from various industrial and technological complexes with easy road access, which helps them spend less time in traffic and enjoy what life has to offer. Besides, there’s a lot of green spaces for everyone to enjoy in their free time, contributing to the overall happiness of the population. 

Ovos moles are another of the city’s landmarks. They are a typical delicacy that traces back to the XVI century, when the nuns at the Convent of Jesus needed a use for the egg yolks leftovers. They decided to add some sugar and voilá!

As you can see, Aveiro is more than just a touristic place. Here you can find quality of life, innovation and the future of technology. So, are you already convinced to come to Aveiro and experience everything it has to offer?


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