SEO Specialist



Ref. 2021/327


We are seeking for a SEO Specialist for a project in Lisbon area.

Main responsibilities are:
- Monitor daily performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance;
- Set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts;
- Develop optimization strategies that increase the search engine results rankings for the company;
- Collaborate with others within the marketing department to manage SEO strategy.

Skills and experience:
- At least 5 years of experience in content marketing, content growth and SEO;
- Working knowledge of search engine optimization practices, search engine algorithms and ranking methods;
- Deep knowledge with Google Analytics, website optimization tools and data mining tools;
- Comfortable analyzing high volumes of data on a daily basis;
- Experience on writing compelling and high-quality website content for traffic optimization and search engine rankings;
- Strong communication skills;
- Fluency in English.

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